Are Getting Married

Together with our parents,

Catherine and Derek request the pleasure of your company to celebrate our marriage

on the 30th September 2017 

 in Paris.



On the 30th September 2017, Saturday 


Shangri-la Hotel,

10, avenue d'Iéna,

Paris, 75116,


Program of the Day

13.00 Chinese tea ceremony

14.30 Wedding ceremony

15.30 Afternoon tea reception

16.30 Break

19.00 Cocktail reception

20.00 Dinner banquet

23.30 After party 



  1. All of the above events, except for the after party, will take place at the Shangri-la Hotel.Upon your arrival at the hotel, our team will guide you to the right place.

  2. Please be seated by 14.15 for the Wedding Ceremony. 

  3. Whilst the Chinese Tea Ceremony is traditionally exclusive to the wedding party, if you arrive early, we are more than happy for you to join us!

  4. On the day of the wedding, once you arrive at the hotel, you will be guided to our wedding venue.  

  5. For the after party, the venue will be revealed soon. 

  6. We aim to have a lie-in in the morning and start no earlier than noon, but please come back to check the final program: you will know when to go sightseeing or shopping. 

Other essential information

Not really the ones for drama, our story is simple and straightforward. Maybe even a bit cheesy.

Love at first sight

They met at a mutual friend's dinner party at a Spanish restaurant in London, over the love of their lives - food.


That evening, Derek behaved like a gentleman and Catherine didn't spill food on him.


Swiftly, Derek teased out the name of the Italian restaurant that Catherine had been dying to try and made a reservation for two. She never says "no" to food.


Over a shared risotto, they talked about their unanimous dreams of sending their future children to France for their studies.

Two weeks later, at their first date, Derek turned up in Hong Kong with a big bouquet.


He took three years to prepare his proposal. She asked, what took you so long?

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R. S. V. P.

Celebrate with us!

It will mean the world to us if you come and join us on our big day.

Our love story would not have been possible without the support of our family and friends.

It is now our turn to say thank you...


Our wedding is our chance to celebrate a new chapter in our lives and to say thank you to to our loved ones. Your attendance at our wedding will already make us so, so happy.

If you think that a gift will be worth giving, a small contribution towards our honeymoon fund will mean a lot to us. 



We have always dreamed of seeing the lavender fields in Southern France. This June, we were very lucky to have our pre-wedding photos taken in Provence by our talented and passionate photographer. 


Please click here to see more of our pre-wedding photos.